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17 Oct 2006, 7:54 PM
I've been pillaging your new blog, Jack, and working structure into an app of mine.
renamespaced a bunch of my stuff to follow your style too.

I'm more familar with yui std grid layouts; this pure absolute / relative layout action is still a bit frightening.

I've been experimenting with modal dialogs more and more, learning to use YAHOO.OverlayManager and whatnot.

how's a guy handle all them wild, anonymously placed boxes pinned to the screen, when I'm trying to focus a dialog, like login? how do I make sure everything in the body gets dimmed behind the dialog?

which reminds me...I haven't looked at the login code on your new blog yet. I suppose the answer must be there.

I've got 4 grids running simultaneously (the iTunes-like Genre, ARtist, Album, Song browser). need to implement these as live grids, which looks to be a breeze. no more undocumented rico madness.

in my clientside framework, I have my javascript components register a pointer to themselves in a flat, global hash (regardless of component heirarchy); probably a primitive example of something like YAHOO.OverlayManager.

anyway, in your beta forum, I found how you call grid::autoSize() after stretching the SplitBar. in my case, I wrote a function that queries my global "RUtil.controls" hash and returns all controls with a property typeof(RUtil.controls[y].grid == 'object'). that'll be handy for other parts of the app.

18 Oct 2006, 6:01 AM
hi christocracy,
I think that you have very interesting things.
You have some example or something to see that you show to us and it inspires to us?

hola christocracy, yo creo que tu tienes cosas muy interesantes.
Tienes algun ejemplo o algo para ver que nos muestres y nos inspire?

18 Oct 2006, 6:41 AM
all my latest stuff using Jack's ext lib are on my dev server. I'll let you know when I commit; I'd be most happy to show it off :)

18 Oct 2006, 7:12 AM
I am almost done with my examples for the new layout engine. Then I only have to write the post - I am hoping to have it done tonight.

I also wrote an extended editor grid that behaves similar to the properties panel in visual studio. :)

18 Oct 2006, 9:36 AM
nix all that crap about

>how do I make sure everything in the body gets dimmed behind the dialog?

when rendering yui Panels,
1. always make sure that you render to document.body
2. always make sure to register your panel with the YAHOO.widget.OverlayManager

this.module = new YAHOO.widget.Panel(this.id, {draggable:true});
this.module.render(document.body); // <---- not just render()