View Full Version : Where's the logic in the dimensions vs transform?

24 May 2012, 5:59 AM
I'm having a really hard time figuring out what the logic in the dimensions and the transforms are.

When I place an image that is bigger than my scene into my project and I set the dimensions for that image to the correct size, only the frame resizes. That's ok. But there is no way to make the image fit the frame? And when I try scaling the image it then also scales the frame.

So instead I thought I'd scale the entire frame and image down to the right size, which works fine, but when I've scaled the image and frame to fit my scene (which is 1024 x 768) it still states that the dimensions for the frame is: 3072 x 2304, which it is clearly not.

I'm trying to do a really simple thing: I have a big picture and then I want it to zoom into a small part of that image. I then want to be able to copy the dimensions or scaling or whatever is the correct tool to use and the position into a new scene so that that new scene has the exactly same image as the zoomed image in the first scene. How can I do this in an effecient way?

See images for a better example:

Image 1: my picture and my scene.

Image 2: Tried to apply the right dimensions. The frame of the image changed but not the image itself. I couldn't find any way to fit the image into it's own frame.

Image 3: Instead of using dimensions I scaled the image to fit the scene. But the dimensions are still showing the original size of the image.