View Full Version : Simple Sencha Touch application to record transactions on Buxfer

15 May 2012, 4:20 AM

I just wrote a few lines about my first experience with Sencha Touch, which is quite positive:
http://www.dallagnese.fr/computers-it/mobile-applications-in-html5-css3-with-sencha-touch/ (http://www.dallagnese.fr/computers-it/mobile-applications-in-html5-css3-with-sensa-touch/)

I (http://www.dallagnese.fr/no-category/mobile-applications-in-html5-css3-with-sensa-touch/) was able to build a nice application in a few hours, from scratch, and have it working on my phone.

However, I also noticed some differences between the application running in the desktop browser and the one running in the mobile browser:

some colours are not showing successfully
it's not easy to touch the checkboxes
I have included video demonstrations and the source code of the application on the blog post.