View Full Version : How do I add fields to "edit details"

Mark Lohaus
10 May 2012, 9:35 AM
I am now to Calendar Pro.

When I click on the calendar to add an event and then I click on the "Edit Details" I need to add fields to collect additional data. How can I do this. Keep in mind that I am brand new to Calendar Pro so please "hold my hand" a little on this. I have not found ANY documentation on Calendar Pro and trying many different Google searches to try to find this information. I am working from one of the Demos that I downloaded. I would be happy to figure this out on my own if I could find some documentation explaining this. So pointing me to documentation would also be greatly appreciated.

Specifically, I downloaded the demo titled "Remote Data Calendar (PHP required) (http://ext.ensible.com/deploy/dev/examples/calendar/remote/remote.html)".

I noticed these two files:

Would I add these fields in the Extensible-config.js file?

Thank you.

10 May 2012, 10:22 AM
Have you tried to contact Brian in the Extensible forums concerning this issue?