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7 May 2012, 2:32 AM
I am trying to find Slider bar chart functionality in ExtJs like we have Google finance chart given in the link below:
for example: We have scrollable long chart and as we scroll or slide the part of the chart, that is shown as chart in real big view.
Please let me know if we have this chart in ExtJs. If not, then please let me know if we have this chart in fusion charts or any third party library that we can integrate that in ExtJs.

7 May 2012, 9:05 AM
Hi - I was about to post a similar question.
Yes, I am also looking for something like that...been goggling around....nothing so far
Let me know if you find anything. I will post any updates as well.

19 Jun 2012, 1:04 AM
Have you got that slider bar char? Also, I am looking for that chart.

9 Aug 2012, 5:08 AM
http://qa.sencha.com/knightly/touch-2.1.0-beta1/examples/stockapp/ (http://qa.sencha.com/knightly/touch-2.1.0-beta1/examples/stockapp/%20)

Developers said they will port it to ExtJS as well.