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7 May 2012, 12:21 AM
Hi all!

Well I just downloaded Sencha animator to test it out...Im trying to follow an example of two people that made an iphone app and which is on sale in the app store. Theyve made an ebook app for kids and they are sharing the process they followed.

They say that theyve used sencha animator and Phonegap to make the app. Ide like to also make a childrens ebook, as I write short picture stories for kids.

They used Sencha animator...but Im not sure I completely understand, as I dont understand how the animations in Sencha are made in to touch animations, I mean if I make my ebbok app in sencha with the animations and so on, how are these then made so that when someone touches the images the animation kicks in?
Or is that what phonegap is for?

basically what theyve said theyve done is created the animations and exported them as HTML via CSS3, then they created the app with phonegap.

Does that sound correct?

Is sencha touch the same as phonegap and has the same purpose? both are free?


7 May 2012, 7:59 AM

You can do touch to start an animation in Sencha Animator.n You can set-up a click event on a object that starts a new scene (where you have the animation).

Have you seen the documentation?

We also have a blogpost going through some of the interactive features

Phonegap is basically a browser that you can put your web content in and ship as an app. I'd suggest you should look at phone gap forums for more info on this.

Sencha Touch is free, and is a JS framework for touch devices that also has native packaging.

8 May 2012, 2:52 AM
thanks for the info and links! Im looking and going through the examples and tutorials!

Im working from instructions of how these people achieved an interactive ebok app for the iphoen using Sencha and Phonegap.

Ive created a basic sencha animation of several scenes and succesfully imported it to phonegap and can view it in the simulator.

BUT Im still confused about how to go about achieving interactivity? the posts Im following havent gotten to that bit yet and so I ask here....how would you go about achieving interactivity, is it possible in Sencha animator? like say you touch an animation and it does sometihng? is this inside sencha animator?? they say theyve only used these two programs....

and if so is does this have to be coded in sencha or is it an option?

thanks! great experience so far, still 29 days trial remainimg!


8 May 2012, 7:01 AM
Animator comes with support for basic interactivity, like changing scenes. So you can use that to potentially start animations on touch for example. If you want to do more advanced interactions you'll need to write some JS for that. You can add custom JS inside Animator that will be enabled on exports, or you can link to you own JS file externally.

6 Nov 2012, 5:18 AM
Hi Africano - please could you provide a link to the tutorial you were following for the children's book? I'm looking at doing something similar and would be interested to see how they have managed it.