View Full Version : What's the best practices for using SA2 to develop for both Desktop and Mobile?

4 May 2012, 2:04 PM

I've been using Sencha Architect 2 to develop our mobile web app, and really enjoy using it and had great success in developing our app(kudos to the SA2 development team for such a nice and powerful tool). Now our legacy app is a desktop app - a combination of Flash and web app, and I am trying to pick a framework for rewriting our app for both desktop and mobile. I like Sencha Touch 2 a lot, and it runs great on desktop as well, the only problem is that it does not support Firefox and IE, Firefox is more of a problem than IE (because we can use Google Frame, and I think ST2 will support IE for Windows Mobile). Giving that Sencha Touch 2 is not going to support Firefox (is that still true? and why? and why is it hard to do so? - JQuery Mobile runs well on both FF and IE), we can not use it for both mobile and desktop. So for desktop, ExtJS 4.1 would be our next candidate, I am wondering what's the best way to structure our apps/projects so that we can achieve the maximum code sharing between mobile and desktop?

Thanks in Advance,
Tom Zeng
Lead Software Architect
Wireless Matrix