View Full Version : How to retrieve a Tabpanel from another Tabpanel?

1 Feb 2007, 8:28 AM

I have a TabPanel A in the south region of my layout.
In this TabPanel, i have another tabpanel B with its tabpanelItems on bottom.
I would like to retrieve one of these tabpanelItems (i have its Id) but i don't know how ...
If i use the method layout.getRegion('south').getTabs().getTab(tabSetName), i get the TabPanel A. But i would like to get the TabPanel B.

Thanks for your answers.

1 Feb 2007, 8:35 AM
The TabPanelItem doesn't really have any knowledge of the structure inside it other than the generic getContent. What you probably want to do is safe a ref to the nested TabPanel on the TabPanelItem that creates it.