View Full Version : Beforeedit/Checkchange Event getting wrong element when element was dropped into grid

26 Apr 2012, 11:04 PM
I have a grid, where you can drop objects in it. In each row you have a combobox and a checkbox.
After I drop a new object into the grid and try to edit a cell, beforeedit returns another row in from another group in the grid as param. Not the new one.

I dont know why this happens. Do I need to reload something, after the new data is added to the store? Or... I dont know..

It only happens on the first new dropped object. Others, which were dropped after, are not effected.

The grid uses grouping and the new dropped data is automaticly sorted into the group.
If I check the HTML Code the new row has a lower gen-id than the false returned row.
I think something is wrong with grouping...