View Full Version : Handlers and Functions in autogenerated files

24 Apr 2012, 9:29 AM
Dear Design Team,

I started using Sencha Architect today and it made a good first impression. I was able to put together a UI fairly quickly, and I liked how things were organized.

However, I found that the event handlers and functions I added to my application were placed in one of the auto-generated files, with a big warning to NEVER hand-edit those files.

That makes it impossible to edit my event handlers and other functions in a separated IDE! Not everyone is going to want to code JavaScript using Architect, but this design basically forces you to.

I really liked how Architect created an "overrides" files, separating generated code form my hand written code. I suppose I could put all my handlers, etc. in that file - but it's kind of a hack. Could you provide better support for hand-written code?

Thanks for any thought you give this idea!


24 Apr 2012, 10:09 AM
If you want to use an external editor, use an overrides file.