View Full Version : Gridpanel in Multiple Tabs with tabpanel defferedrender is set to false

23 Apr 2012, 8:14 AM
I have a window in which 'border' layout is used, the WEST region has a treepanel and CENTER region has a tabpanel. Center region tabpanel is loaded by tabs on treenode click. That loaded tab has a Panel layout of 'Border' which is divided into North,Center, South which all have their layout of 'Fit'. In the center and south region i have multiple tabs containing gridpanels. The gridpanel has autogrow feature which means once the end of column is reached another row is added to the grid. Things are fine untill i set the defferredrender of tabpanel to false. The Grid displays the scrollbar but content gets struck eventhough the scrollbar is moving up and down

not able to find where things going wrong

24 Apr 2012, 8:13 PM
What exact version of ExtJS are you using? There were many problems with scrolling in 4.07

Also note that is seems like you have many embedded panels surrounding your grid. This is also suspect.