View Full Version : Charting : Time Axis and Winter/Sumer Time overlapping

19 Apr 2012, 11:21 PM
There is a (big) issue concerning the Winter/Summer Time Zone.

I request values from 2012/03/00 to 2012/04/00 which overlaps the Winter/Summer time zone (CET -> CEST), and my Chart with x-axis setted to Time totaly freeze what ever the browser i'am using !

Url =,35

And with this one, all is ok =,35

For the Time Zone over lap this is the "toDate" and "fromDate" values :

# createAxes : Wed Feb 29 2012 23:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET) -> Sat Mar 31 2012 22:24:04 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Do I have to fix it by "re-setting" the dates to UTC ? Or there is a work-arround/fix for this ?



20 Apr 2012, 12:18 AM
Ok (self responding !)

I've got a Step stetted to

step : [Ext.Date.HOUR, 1],

And changing it with

step : [Ext.Date.DAY, 1],

All works fine.... so the "hour where the time change in real life" (here in France is 2AM from 3AM) causing bug/crash/exception/"something-computer-does-not-understand" :)) :D

Maybe Sencha ExtJs team have to check this issue (i'll maybe open a bug !)