View Full Version : problem with treeview click and row click

16 Apr 2012, 12:59 PM

I have a parent panel which contains a treepanel on the left and a grid on the right. When users click a node in the tree, detail data of this node will be load in the grid.
If the height of parent panel is small, no problem happens. But when its height is large, if I click on a node of treeview, the browser will scroll automatically to bottom, and the click event on the treenode is not caught. I must click on that node the second time to load data into grid.
It happens similarly with the itemclick event on gridpanel.

Furthermore, I would like to make the height of parent panel increase automatically when the height of gridpanel increase, but it seems that the size of parent panel doesn't change. Maybe the cause is that I set the height of parent panel equal to 500 px. But if I don't set, the size of parent panel is 0 at the beginning and it doesn't show the treeview and gridpanel.

Please help. Thank you.