View Full Version : Custom Grid QuickTip

12 Apr 2012, 4:13 AM

I am trying to add a custom quickTip to grid items.

Here's how i added a normal quick tip:

renderer : function(value, metadata, record) {
myToolTipText = "<b>Placemark</b>";
myToolTipText = myToolTipText + "<br/>Name: "+ record.get('name');
metadata.tdAttr = 'data-qtip="' + myToolTipText + '"';
return value;

This code went inside a column and work the way it should.

I have a custom panel that i would like to add inside that quicktip. My question is: can that be done, and regardeles of whether that is possible, what would be the best aproach to obtain that effect?

16 Apr 2012, 9:49 AM
You won't be able to have items as an attribute of course. You can create a tip and then register it with the target.