View Full Version : ItemSelecter Store not loading until Browser Page Refreshed

11 Apr 2012, 11:07 PM

I currently have a store (set to autoload) which is associated with an Itemselector.

Upon app launch, there are several stores which are being autoloaded as well, with a grid, combobox, etc.

However all stores loads are working correctly except for the store associated with the Itemselector.

The Itemselector is not being populated with any data from the store UNTIL the browser app page is refreshed for some reason.

All stores that I have are almost identical (different request parameters being sent of course) and the data is being retrieved via ajax request correctly so there are no errors there.

I have even tried static data associated with the ItemSelector store (meaning no data sent via ajax request, just pure "data: values" and I have still seen this issue exists where the store only appears to be loaded when the browser app page is refreshed.

The store never appears to load correctly on first app launch.

Any possible ideas what could be causing this issue?

Weird how all other stores are working perfectly and have always been, so perhaps a potential conflict with the ItemSelector?

Also, when the browser page is refreshed and the store actually appears to load, everything works perfectly however just getting the store to load the first time the app is launched (without refreshing the page) appears to be the core issue.

12 Apr 2012, 2:40 PM
Can you create a small working example (static data please) that we can use to replicate this? It is hard to debug an application based on a description.