View Full Version : lightboxes and slide shows?

5 Apr 2012, 8:29 AM
Has anyone had success getting JQuery-based libraries like colorbox, prettyPicture, etc to run in ExtJS apps? I've tried those two and others and failed so far -- the approach for all is similar: call the jQuery script at the top, and the particular library and a .css for it afterwards. Also looked at carousel in Core, but it doesn't run with Ext3 -- with no errors to trace in firebug.

My impression now is that I (and everyone) must handcode an Ext-specific window solution, is that the case? If so, a shame as there are so many great opensource javascript image widgets their authors would like us to use. And of course, why re-invent the wheel?


5 Apr 2012, 12:07 PM
Have you seen this?


5 Apr 2012, 3:05 PM
Thanks for the reply Scott - I'd seen carousel but not lightbox.

Problem is my app uses ExtJS 3.4 extensively, and when I load Core either before or after, things don't work. Complicating matters is the app also uses stuff from GeoExt and d3.

Loaded before ext-base and ext-all, I get a blank screen and no errors whatsoever!?

Loaded after ext-base and ext-all, the console errors are uninterpretable (by me) beginning with "Ext.Component is undefined" followed by a series of things that don't happen, including setting up a data store, etc. (image below)

I guess a basic question is whether ExtJS 3.4 and Ext Core 3.1 are incompatible or known to work together. The sample code for carousel and lightbox don't load anything but Core of course.