View Full Version : Grid with multiple Stores?

27 Nov 2007, 3:52 PM
Has anyone had any luck with creating a Grid that uses multiple Stores for it's data? In this case (and not unreasonable, if you ask me) I have columns X, Y, and Z coming from one datasource, call it Store1. I also have a column AA that comes from a datasource Store2 (Think SOA). I currently have the col. AA populating just fine, using some hackery with capturing the load event from Store1. This is a problem in that one can no longer sort on col AA (ajax paging table, remote sort).

Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of gutting the Grid and making it Store-independent, that is all columns must know what store they belong to, and no one store is 'better' than the other (that is, none have priority).

27 Nov 2007, 5:13 PM
Nothing built in to handle this. At this point the only easy solution is to combine your data serverside so that you can return a single data set.

27 Nov 2007, 5:18 PM
Even if you have your data coming from multiple sources, why wouldn't your mvc layer collect the data and return the combined results set to Ext?


27 Nov 2007, 5:42 PM
Yes, it looks like that's the route I'll be going at this point, I was hoping there'd be something I could just 'plug in' to the Grid. Thanks for the input!

20 May 2008, 11:36 AM
How has this worked out for you? I would like to do something similar, and would love to see what you came up with.

My use case:
A grid for scheduling appointments - a different person per column, and each row is a time slot. I'd like each person's column to be a different (yet similar) datasource. That way, when I click to edit a cell, it can create the appointment for just that person within the time slot.

Otherwise, I'll be stuck trying to hide the person's ID in the appointment description somehow. :P

16 Apr 2013, 2:32 AM
Hi isamudaison (http://www.sencha.com/forum/member.php?16126-isamudaison),

I am also trying to do something smiler, can you share your thoughts how you did it, if any sample code highly appreciated.

Tanks in Advance