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26 Nov 2007, 2:38 PM
if i don't show width value, my grid is automatically adjusted to left & right border. But the same trick don't work for height.. what should be done? Is there another parametor or i should use desktop feature?

26 Nov 2007, 3:26 PM
try in the config

layout: 'fit'

27 Nov 2007, 12:05 AM
plugins: summary,
floating: false,
//width: 800,
//height: 500,
layout: 'fit',
clicksToEdit: 2,
collapsible: true,
animCollapse: false,
trackMouseOver: false,
//enableColumnMove: false,
title: 'Timetracker',
iconCls: 'icon-grid',
renderTo: document.body,
selModel: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({singleSelect:false}),

this kind of config gives me no result - no grid data is being displayed, only header. maybe something in css should be done to renderTo object (document.body)?

27 Nov 2007, 10:49 AM
The layout:'fit' config goes on the panel/container that holds the grid (e.g. the viewport), not the grid itself.