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26 Nov 2007, 1:38 PM
Hello everyone,

I am working in a bank as a junior software developer. Currently I am writing a program for the support center of the IT department that integrates a help desk system, a management system for our installed equipment (POSes), keeps track of what everybody is doing, holds the POSes stock and obviously lets you run reports for each section mentioned above. Practically, the application is a huge collection of sql queries. Because the managers didn't know what they want from the beginning, I am facing a restructuring of the app.

I normally use PHP, SQL, some JS and a little bit of AJAX. This is the first time I am using frameworks and I'm very happy I run into Ext.

I saw here (http://tdg-i.com/img/customers/mail-point/demo/desktop.html) an example of what can be done with Ext and from what I understood it was "easy". Great work! Congrats!

Combining that with the log in screen from Filespots (http://www.filespots.com/) would be exactly what I want.

Also I want to make the webapp public as I am open source fanatic but first I have to write it :D

Did I correctly understood, the Mail Point from TDG is based on a demo found in Ext 2.0? That would help me a lot.
Next, could you help me with some info on how to make a log in screen like the one on Filespots?


26 Nov 2007, 2:04 PM
Hi and welcome to Extjs - thanks for taking the red pill :))

The example that you are looking at was made as a proof of concept for a customer of mine using the ext alpha 1 desktop example. The newer (RC1) example has changed some what - but is basically the same.

I took that same example and began my - in my free time OS EXT project (which i need to update my blog post on):
You can view it in action: http://tdg-i.com/img/extjs/osext_demo2.swf

Ext is extremely versatile, and I'm doing some pretty powerful stuff for my employer.

i'm hoping to do a video screencast soon showing all of the components i'm using and what not. :)

One more thing:

Easy is a relative term. What is easy for some (the EXT-perienced), will be hard for others. I've been using EXT for well over a year now and have had the pleasure of creating some cool back-end stuff with EXT.

You just have to keep your chin up high and keep plugging away as things will get difficult. The community hereis absolutely amazing and a treasure trove of information.