View Full Version : Panel remove problem

26 Nov 2007, 6:39 AM
hi all.
This is my first post and i want to greet you all before ask something :)
I'm trying to learn how to use extjs by developing a little application
in this application i have a window with panels in center and west zones.
in the toolbar i have a menu with two actions in it.
Selecting one of this actions will create a panel (it's a gridpanel or a treepanel depending on the menu voice you choose) that will be added to the westpanel.
On select application checks if you already have that panel opened and, if opened, it doesn't anything, if not, it'create the new panel.
There is the third option: westpanel is occupied by another panel.
In this case i call destroy function for the panel (the child panel, added after menu voice choosen not the main one)but, in case of treePanel, destroy function do nothing...Any hint ?

P.s. i've posted in the wrong place... i'm using Ext2.0rc :(