View Full Version : Grid on dbclick setting link with params question

22 Nov 2007, 7:47 PM

I am now using gridpanel with rowdbclick function just

grid.on('rowdblclick', dblclick, grid);

and inside the function, i try to get the row record and post it to the other page

function dblclick (grid, rowIndex, e) {
var selectionModel = grid.getSelectionModel();
var record = selectionModel.getSelected();


please forgive me that the method maybe lazy as i am new in extjs

and now i come with problems that
1. how can i hidden the params in the post page.
2. or let say can i do sth like

url: link,
params: { params_0:record.get("value_0") ,
params_1:record.get("value_1") ,
params_2:record.get("value_2") }

inside the function dblclick.

thanks you very much