View Full Version : Not Supported: Copy, clone or duplicate a TreeStore

21 Mar 2012, 8:01 AM
Hi All,

It appears to me that it is IMPOSIBLE to make a copy of a treestore from a "master" treestore.

The reason I require this is because I have a treepanel that needs to filter out ALL leaf nodes. While, in another panel, I want to show the same information in it's entirety.

I've come to this conclusion based on what been posted here previously:

1. Thread: 140164 - Title: How to Copy, clone or duplicate a TreeStore - Status: Unanswered - no Sencha reply.

2. Thread: 189187 - Title: Ext.clone a store - Status: Unanswered, Sencha's comments: "Clone is only intended to be used on "primitive" type objects, data stores have a whole bunch of complexity that mean they can't really be cloned in a generic manner."

So my question is - Will this be possible in future releases? Any idea when?

21 Mar 2012, 9:28 AM
You can cascade and get the attributes from the nodes to create new nodes on the other store.

Also, these forums are community forums, Sencha is in no way mandated to answer any or all threads. I try to but don't get to all of them, I do 200 posts a day, I'm quite busy.