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19 Mar 2012, 7:31 AM

As you may (or may not) know, to make downloads parallels, faster, for a website, you must have static files on another domain than the current one (see example below).

So I've written my whole (own) framework based on this principle.
So all the files are "dynamically" coded this way:

http://[languague].static.mydomain.com/[image file].(png|jpe?p|gif)
http://[languague].static.mydomain.com/[text file].txt
http://[languague].static.mydomain.com/[css file].css
http://partner.mydomain.com/[dynamic file](.php|/)

You may guess that I'm having very hard times with ExtJS, because (and that's a good point for people who are not concerned about optimization) all the paths are relative.

Thus here's what I've done:

[ext-all.css] - I've renamed all the "../../ext/resources/..." to "{{host_static}}/ext/resources/..." which is dynamically renamed to the right static domain name (e.g. http://fr.static.mydomain.com/ext/resources/themes/images/default/dd/drop-no.gif)

everything works so far.

But now, I'm using an Ext.grid.Panel component with buttons, and the icons do not show, and do not generate 404 errors (that's my problem actually):

iconCls: 'icon-save',
iconCls: 'icon-add'

How are the image links constructed?
Is there a way to override this?
Where should I look to modify / add my own code?

Thank you,

Olivier Pons

19 Mar 2012, 7:56 AM
Sorry it's a mistake, I've based my code on a sample that was using its own css with images that are in the folder "examples/writer/images/".

So I've just add this "custom" CSS file, moved the images to the right folder and now everything works fine. :">