View Full Version : Ext.Msg.prompt() in IE misconfigured

15 Mar 2012, 2:14 AM
i have a strange problem:
I use Ext.Msg.prompt windows in my application to get information from the user.
this works perfectly in chrome and firefox but when i get to IE it's working but its looking very bad. see the attachments to see what i meen.

to show what the problem is in IE i used the developer tool to show the metrics of the textbox.

the problem appears in IE7 + IE8 compatibility mode (ie9 not tested). IE8 normal mode works.

i did not find anything on google, so i really hope someone can help me! and a very quick workaround would be helpful:)

best regards

15 Mar 2012, 2:30 AM
Can you make a small code example and give the ext version you use?

15 Mar 2012, 3:30 AM
sure i can (sorry i forgot^^)

i use ext 4.0.7

'Neue Mailing Liste',
'Bitte geben Sie den Namen der neuen Mailing Liste ein:',
function(btn, text) { .... }

That is the code i use. There are no special things that i did to the messagebox.
.... is not necessary. i tried it with many things e.g. the code i really want to use, console.log() things etc.

I call it from a handler function of a toolbarbutton.

i cannot provide you with the full code because its very data binded.