View Full Version : [FIXED] Additional scss files with hard coded values

7 Mar 2012, 8:34 AM
I found a few additional scss files that have hard coded values in them that should be calculated based on the base color. Checked in 4.1 from 03/06/2012. They are all in sass\stylesheets\ext4\default\variables.

_layout.scss line 4
My best guess is that it should be:
$accordion-header-background-color: adjust-color($base-color, $hue: -0.43deg, $saturation: 13.333%, $lightness: 7.06%) !default;

_menu.scss line 4 and line 7
Best guess for line 4:
$menu-item-active-background-color: adjust-color($base-color, $hue: 0.196deg, $saturation: 25.397%, $lightness: 7.647%) !default;
Line 7:
$menu-item-active-border-color: adjust-color($base-color, $hue: -0.18deg, $saturation: 23.611%, $lightness: -2.941%) !default;

_toolbar.scss line 21
Best guess:
$toolbar-separator-color: adjust-color($base-color, $hue: -1.294deg, $saturation: 44.444%, $lightness: -4.313%) !default;


7 Mar 2012, 11:49 AM
We will take a look at them