View Full Version : Sub-classing grid and form

1 Mar 2012, 1:39 AM
I have added functionality to my new extended grid and form classes that I want available across all grids and forms in my entire application.
These are fairly fundamental changes and require overriding a number of the internal functions of the base classes (eg. To implement proper model handling and validation on forms)
The idea is that with time these new bases classes will be updated with all shared functionality to ensure a consistent look and feel across the entire application.

The problem:
Designer does not allow this to be done in any simple way. My project is broken down in to around 40+ projects (per controller) and even if I used the import component functionality, every time I changed the base class I would need to re-import.
Also these classes have a number of properties and methods that the designer does not recognize.

Has anyone done a similar type of thing...? What thoughts / suggestions...

While not ideal I am happy to refactor to use some other pattern that fits better with the designer.


1 Mar 2012, 8:02 AM
The case of sharing a component/class across a bunch of different projects and having it automatically update in the other projects (when you open them of course) is something that we are looking into better supporting.