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24 Feb 2012, 6:29 AM

I'm handling pretty much interesting and complex tasks in Extjs. I'm facing issues with treepanel and tabpanel expanding. I've a Tabpanel in Viewport table layout.And My tabpanel contains tabs like Tab1,Tab2,tab3 etc.. In this some tabs have different treemenus in the left side. For example Tab2 may have treepanel nodes like Node A, Node B,etc.. in Tab3 and Tab4 I have some links which are pointed to some Node B in Tab2 or it may pointed to childrens of Node B.For best understating my layout please check the bellow image.

So When I click on the link then Tab2 should activate and the left side treepanel should expand upto the particular node/child node level. I've done this In Extjs2 with lots of hardwork. Now i'm migrating to Extjs4 but it's not working.

Would be happy if you people suggest me any help.

Can any one have grate ideas?

24 Feb 2012, 12:27 PM
So you mean listening to the itemclick event on the tree and activate certain tabs?

24 Feb 2012, 10:25 PM
No Mitchell Simoens. Thanks for replay. For better understanding this issue i"m adding tab3 screen short also. Please look in to screenshot.32129
When clicked on Category:: Node link then "Tab2" should activate and left side tree menu should expand upto Node A. Where as when click on Sub-Category:: Node A - Child A link then "Tab2" should activate and left side tree menu should expand upto Node A --- > Child A and also Child A Should be selected.