View Full Version : Dynamically adding multiple panels to a form

21 Feb 2012, 4:38 AM
I have 3 panels and each panel will have 7 - 10 fields.The main form panel contains a combo field and the 3 panels.Based on the combo selected value i'm hiding the remaining 2 panels and showing one panel.All these three panels have allowBlank: false validations for the fields.

While submitting the form, the fields which are hidden are also validated and prevents the form from submitting. So i want to disable the fields which are hidden. i'm using this code.


But in EXT 4.X disabled fields are also validated while submitting a form.In Ext 2.X and 3.X disabled fields are not validated and not submitted.

previously i used this code in ext 2.X

if (comp.isFormField) {

Is it the right way to implement a form with multiple panels by hide and showing the panels. Or how can i add / remove a panel to a form dynamically ?.Is there any better way to implement this kind of form.Thank you.

21 Feb 2012, 6:24 AM
isValid doesn't do any checking of disabled or anything, it simple goes through all the fields and validates it:

isValid: function() {
var me = this,
me.batchLayouts(function() {
invalid = me.getFields().filterBy(function(field) {
return !field.validate();
return invalid.length < 1;