View Full Version : [CLOSED] Sencha Designer on Windows can not open a solution originally created on Apple??

20 Feb 2012, 8:20 PM
New issue: I have copied the solution across from the apple machine i was working on to this windows machine but when i try to open the solution sencha designer doesn't seem to populate any of the solution structure.. the controllers, views, stores, etc are all empty. It doesn't seem to have loaded anything.

I would have thought the xds file is interoperable given it only contains json, and that the builder assembles the UI based on what it finds in the html and js files. Please let me know if there is some manual step i need to follow for this to work? Any possible work arounds?

Is the Windows version of this app out of sync with the apple version.. etc?

Apple: using build 288
Windows machine: also using build 288

In the xsd file, what is "topInstanceFileMap" - what is the GUID here for? is this related?


21 Feb 2012, 8:34 AM
Shane did you archive the project before transferring between machines?

The .xds file is simply an entry point to open the project, all of the metadata to create the project is stored in a hidden .metadata folder in your project folder.

If you copy the entire project folder or if you use the archive project functionality this should work.