View Full Version : Controller References Getters not in deployment

16 Feb 2012, 7:33 AM
The references that I add to my Controllers do not get their getters built automatically like the citybar video claims the designer does. Is this a bug or is it due to the deployment function being very limited at the time?

Thank you.

16 Feb 2012, 2:07 PM
Where are you trying to use the getters?

They are no longer supported in init but are available in launch. I need to update my citybars application. As easy as creating a new basic function called launch and putting your code in there.

NOTE: we're going to add launch as a special function in the next release (next week perhaps) and while we're going to try very hard to keep from losing the code in this new function you'll create it could be that it will be wiped away.

We're grappling with this now as launch is a special function that we may need to inject code into as well. Still in discussion though on how we handle this.