View Full Version : [CLOSED] Project files in the same base directory overwrite each other

11 Feb 2012, 11:17 AM
There should be no reason why projects with different project file names and asset namespaces cannot be saved in the same location.

It makes the project unwieldy to put all my views, controllers, stores, models for everything into a single project file. I have upwards of 30 controllers, 60 views and associated models and stores.
If I am changing just one set of views I do not want to edit a huge project containing all the assets.
Also editing between team members is restricted if everything is contained in a single project.

It therefore makes sense to save a controller and its associated views, models, stores in a single project.

But then there is the problem that you cannot store multiple projects within the same directory....

Perhaps an explanation of development workflow in large projects would help?


13 Feb 2012, 10:23 AM
Projects require their own directory that they "own". The project is an entire directory, not just the .xds file that is the entry point.

Some of the reasons for this are integration with source control and not constantly having to export your project.