View Full Version : How I get TabPanel Itme?

6 Feb 2012, 10:14 PM
Hi, I'm a novice at GXT.

I have problem with GXT:TabPanel.

I have created TabPanel in Class 'B' and add AbsolutePanel in TabPanel.

I wanna get and add contents(button, textedit an so on) to AbsolutePanel.

I am using TabPanel.getWidget(index) TabPanel to get specific AbsolutePanel in Class 'A' (There are a number of AbsolutePanel.)

After adding contents to AbsolutePanel in Class 'A', How can i set a ChildWidget's value of AbsolutePanel to TabPanel in Class 'B'? (same index)

belows are my sample code//

Class A{
private void A(){
AbsolutePanel = B.getAbsolute(1);

Class B{
TabPanel advanced = new TabPanel();
AbsolutePanel ap;

private void B(){
ap = new AbsolutePanel();

public AbsolutePanel getAbsolute(int index){
return advanced.getWidget(index);