View Full Version : vector vs. rasterized PNGS in sencha

5 Feb 2012, 10:14 AM
Has anyone had any issues using objects that were initially created in photoshop (rasterized), then saved as pngs in illustrator in order to add to a project and then to animate using Sencha?

When viewing the project in Sencha, it appears fine, but when exporting and previewing in Chrome, the objects have moved and are not where they should be.

Would this also be something to avoid if the animations are created primarily to be used in mobile device applications?

And lastly, Does it make a difference if I don't animate the rasterized images, but still use them as background objects? Or should I avoid them all together and just work with vectorized objects?

6 Feb 2012, 7:46 AM
You should be able to work with PNGs and other images. Sounds like you might be running into a bug or other issue. I'll contact you with a PM.