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26 Jan 2012, 7:04 PM
Hi Everybody, i have a situation where i cannot control the rest services i'm going to consume so basically what i'm been provide is two services one with a list of entities (i.e. products) that return basic information of each entity (just id and description) and also provides a "uri" which contains the url of the service to access the rest of the of the data of that particular entity; that uri is the other service i'm being provide btw :).

So my question is if i have a model for product and a store for product with a proxy that points to the first service (list of products with id and descriptions only) but i want to have a grid that displays id, description and price, is there an event or something that will allow me to build my store by reading the first service and, for each product returned, trigger the other service (which url is provide) to obtain its price.

Any sugestion on what will be the best way to aproach these?

Thanks in advance.


31 Jan 2012, 7:59 AM

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Unfortunately, the data proxy is only designed to pull data from a single web source. The best way to do what you want to do is most likely to extend the proxy where you can use Ajax to pull data and then flatten that data (merge) so the data store can digest.