View Full Version : How to do a selective Drag and drop function in a TreePanel

13 Jan 2012, 5:59 AM

I have an Ext.tree.Panel with the Ext.tree.plugin.TreeViewDragDrop plugin. Everything works as intended, I can rearrange the nodes with drag and drop.

But what I want is to define which nodes that I can actually drag and drop and on which nodes I can drop a specific node (i.e. rearrange items within one branch, but not allow to move it outside). Is there a way to do achieve that? I've spent the last two days trying to do this, but I just can't figure it out... :-?

I'm using Ext 4.1.0 Beta 1

13 Jan 2012, 8:04 AM
For that you will need to hook into some b4 methods (on the Ext.dd classes) to not allow drag/drop