View Full Version : Make tab panel closable with close button in the tab bar itself

11 Jan 2012, 11:07 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering whether the following is possible. I have border panel with a south region (the tab panel) and a center region containing a grid. When the page loads, the tab panel is hidden. Whenever I select a row in the grid, the tab panel shows up and shows all kinds of data regarding the particular row.

I know a tab panel has a 'closable' config, which indeed shows a close cross in the tab panel's title bar. Although, the tab panel doesn't have a title bar. So I believe this is a waste of my precious vertical space.

Therefore I was wondering whether it is possible to have a close button for the tab panel inside the tab bar. And to be make it even more fulfilling, it would be cool if it would be aligned to the right.

12 Jan 2012, 8:47 AM
The tab bar is a container using hbox layout so therefore you could add a component into it very easily.