View Full Version : In a video tutorial I seen a tool for adding container and line , but its didn't seen

5 Jan 2012, 5:11 AM
Hi ,
As per learning purpose I installed sencha animator on my machine. In a youtube video tutorial (bouncing ball) I seen two tools in toolbar which are container and line tool, its didn't seen in trial version. Is it not available in trial version?

Kindly please reply.

Thank You,
Biju Subhash

6 Jan 2012, 8:29 AM
Hi Biju,

Those were only there in the preview/beta of Sencha Animator. However, you can create them very easily yourself.

If you need an empty object ("group") you can
1) Draw a circle or a rectangle and remove any styles
2) Select an element on the stage and use the "Nest Object" command (Ctrl+g)

If you need an line, you can use the rectange, turn off background color, and all but the top border.