View Full Version : How does Ext JS achieve rounded corners in IE 7 and 8?

Ben Holzer
28 Dec 2011, 6:47 AM
Hi all!

I am developing portlets using Ext Js 4 as javascript framework. I am currently themeing our Portal and i tried to achieve the Ext Js blue standard look.

Using the Ext Js CSS for defining the style of my components worked fine in Firefox and IE 9+. But when I tested my design in IE 7 and 8, I recognized that the corners of my components are cornered whereas the Ext Js components are rounded.

I tried many approaches to round the corners of my components but none of them worked.

So my question is: How does Ext Js round corners and how can I apply the solution of Ext Js to my components

Thanks in advance


28 Dec 2011, 6:55 AM
I think it is using images. They have a tool called splicer that you can use to render the images from CSS3 rounded corners and gradients. Check out the SDK tools 2.0