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20 Dec 2011, 1:37 AM
It is story about html Sencha exported.

When I use the my function in "startAction", I always write like this.

window.addEventListener('load', function(){
var configData = {
parentId: 'AN-sObj-parentOl',
ormma: false,
scenes: [{id: 0,animationCount: 26,duration: 2304.9262693827914,dimensions: {height: 320,width: 320,expanded: false,fit: false},
startAction: function(controller,event) {
myFunc(); // my function

But, in spite of I wrote in startAction, it happen AFTER start animation.

I fix like that.

startSceneByID: function(sceneID) {
var me = this;

// restart current scene without flicker
if (sceneID === this.currentSceneID) {

//this.scenes[sceneID].element.setAttribute('class','run restart') // N/A>:)
this.scenes[sceneID].element.setAttribute('class','restart'); // OK:)

22 Dec 2011, 8:01 AM
The 'start action' should go off at the start of the scene, but there is not guarantee that it will happen before the animation starts (might depend on the browser). Are you wanting a 'before start' action?

26 Apr 2012, 4:02 AM
this is really right what are you saying!