View Full Version : z-index of ComboBox list vs z-index of Ext.menu.Menu

25 Oct 2007, 7:14 PM
I've extended Ext.menu.Menu with a class called menu.Popup.
I've made myself an extension of Ext.menu.BaseItem called menu.FormItem.

when I render forms onto Popup, ComboBox's list is z-indexed below the the Menu.

ComboBox's list z-index is 11000
Menu is 15000.

I wonder what I might do to solve this.

following works per Combo but that's not a good long-term sol'n

* @event render
* fix the list's z-index
* Combos on a Popup need special attention paid to their list, which is z-indexed at 11000 while
* the popup is z-indexed at 15000.
* @param {Object} combo
comboCompany.on('render', function(combo) {

1 Oct 2008, 10:05 AM
this didn't work for me on ext 2.2 but I managed to make it work using the 'expand' event instead of 'render'