View Full Version : SetValues method not working for checkbox group

19 Dec 2011, 8:03 PM
setvlaues method not working when i use checkbox group inside form panel

I am working in extjs-4. I want to load values to my form so i used load method but that is not working. I started to debug the issue. This is what i have understand while debugging
I tried to set value directly using that setvalue method of that particular component. It is working fine. when i use getForm().setValues() it is not working.

Please verify my data
1. heartAtChk.setValue({'Heartattack' :['GF','GM','B','S']});
heartAtChk is the checkbox group component. Above code is working fine. when u open form multiple times.

2. this.getForm().setValues({'Heartattack' :['GF','GM','B','S']});
above code load values at first time correctly. but when u open that same form again. It throwsclassname is undefined.

Please suggest any idea to fix this issue.


20 Dec 2011, 12:06 AM
From the description you've provided it sounds like a problem with sharing something between objects, possibly via a reference type on an Ext.define config.

We'll need more information to help you...

Exact ExtJS version.
Browsers tested.
The full stacktrace for the error. Make sure you're using a debug version of ExtJS so we get meaningful line numbers.
A complete, minimal test case. Please use [CODE] tags for any code you post. Please don't just post all the code for your app, extracting a minimal test case is a key part of the debugging process and it may lead you to the answer without even needing to post it.