View Full Version : [FIXED] PR3 and the side effect of doing away with 'dockedItems'

15 Dec 2011, 2:31 PM
Hi all,

Don't know if anyone else has run into this - and don't really know the benefit of lumping dockedItems into all the other items but ...

.removeAll() now conveniently (?) removes ALL items in a component - including the docked ones.

What happens when we have a panel with reusable toolbars and we wish to just replace the items and keep the toolbars intact without having to incur the cost of recreating the toolbars ?

Any chance that Sencha could add a parameter to the removeAll so that we can keep the docked items in a component for re-use ?


15 Dec 2011, 3:56 PM
I actually reported this earlier, it's a behavior change that isn't very welcomed IMO. What I do is execute getInnerItems() on the container which will return an Array of the items that aren't docked... Now I can iterate through that Array and remove() it from it's parent... until it gets fixed however they are going to do it.