View Full Version : Portal bug on a simple panel (not on a viewport)

6 Dec 2011, 3:11 PM

I would need your help. I am working on getting the portal example working without a viewport. Portal functionality is all working except for one thing. Whenever I have multiple panel the span more than the full height of the window a scrollbar appears. This is the behaviour I want. The issue is that every panel that is below the fold (need to scroll to see them) is not draggable. All the other panels work fine.

The zip attachment contains the code I am using to demonstrate my issue. Just unzip in the example folder and you will see the behaviour I am talking about.

Thanks a lot!


6 Dec 2011, 3:44 PM
I found something intresting...

When I comment lines 32905 to 32913 of the ext-debug-w-comments.js, everthing seems to work well.... I'm not sure what it does, is that an issue?

el = Ext.get(el.parentNode);
while (el && region) {
if (el.isScrollable()) {
// check whether our element is visible in the view port:
region = region.intersect(el.getRegion());
el = el.parent();

Thanks for your help!