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4 Dec 2011, 10:22 PM
Hello everyone.. I am a Sad Panda.

I was reading the "getting started" guide, and then, whilst reading through this part - "In production, we really want to load just one JavaScript file, " - I started to get psyched.

"This is it, finally I can figure out how to put everything into one JS file!"

And then I read - "See part 2 of the Getting Started guide for details on how to use the JSBuilder."


There is no part 2 of the getting started guide! :((:((:((:((:((:((

Sad Panda :'-(

Any idea when we will get some documentation on how to package for production? I'm not a hardcore wizard like some of you here in putting together JSB files manually and correctly binding everything together...

5 Dec 2011, 11:04 AM
It's all about setting the dependancies via the requires/uses properties on your application files. The SDK tools will then pick it up and create the JSB file with what you tell it it needs.

The guides will be updated as we get closer to GA release. Remember, the MVC is shared among Ext JS 4 and ST2 so guides in Ext JS 4 also apply to ST2 for this.