View Full Version : Application controllers in .jsb3

30 Nov 2011, 1:25 PM
In order to get my controllers to show up in my .jsb3 file using sencha create, I had to require them like

I tried to get them to add using both the "controllers" configuration on the Ext.application and by using a "requires" configuration on the Ext.controller. Neither worked.

Is this the correct way to add controllers to the .jsb3 or is there some other way I should have included them.

1 Dec 2011, 9:07 AM
I put them in the controllers property in Ext.application and it builds fine for me. Which version of SDK Tools are you using?

1 Dec 2011, 9:23 AM
version 1.2.2

Also do you load controllers like:
#1: controllers: [ 'myController' ],
#2: controllers: [ 'app.controller.myController' ],