View Full Version : column width - bad on load - good after resizing any column

29 Nov 2011, 2:26 AM
I have a problem with grid columns. after load layout is bugged (columns do not match column headers widths). after i resize any column view is repaired. but after another store load view is as previously broken.

this effect took place after i fixed (set width and fiexed true) a lot of columns.

I tried to fire:


but nothing works.
im looking for one of 2 answers

How can i TRUE fire resize column event to make it work EXACTLY as if fierd by mouse action?
How can i fix this layout other way?

PS. i also use summary ux but before i fixed columns widths there were no problem.(besides, summary row has proper column widths)

29 Nov 2011, 6:23 AM
you need to post a short working code example to show us whats happening. are you using 3.4? i never ran into that issue so far.