View Full Version : multi controllers problem

28 Nov 2011, 8:33 AM
in my application, there are many views, i define a controller for each view. i encounter a problem that is how to communicate between two controllers. for example, i want to send a message in one controller to another controller to trigger a event. how to do???


28 Nov 2011, 8:47 AM
I wouldn't create one controller per view... seems like a lot of classes floating out there. Instead, I have one controller per feature in my apps.

You can get another controller by using the getController method that is on each controller. Then you can execute a method on that controller but remember about scoping issues.

A more flexible way to do things is to fire events on the application and the controllers listen to events on the application. So if one controller needs to fire an event that other controllers can listen to, the application can be the middle man.