View Full Version : Strange behaviour: CPU high on forms. ESC key solves the problem

19 Oct 2007, 2:07 AM
Hello everybody,

I am writting an Extjs application and I having performance issues with forms rendered on LayoutDialogs.

I observed that CPU goes 100% when opening a form in a LayoutDialog. I tried to disable "shadow" in the dialog, and CPU went to 65% or so.

But it is still a lot of CPU consumption. So I pressed the ESC key. Nothing happens, except the CPU went to 0-5%. Now, I can close the dialog, open it again, etc. and CPU keeps 0-5% while showing the form.

What is the reason of this behaviour? I don't use any listener to intercept the ESC key, so it is working automatically. It occurs in FF and IE7. I can't find the reason.

Any ideas? What is happening when I press the ESC key while showing a FORM? Is the ESC key preventing some code execution that is causing high CPU utilization? Is there any way to improve the form performance without pressing the ESC key?

Thanks in advance for you help