View Full Version : What event should fire when using the clearIcon for searchfield?

23 Nov 2011, 11:52 AM
When I click on the clearIcon (the "x" at the right end of the field) of a searchfield, I would expect the change event to fire, but it doesn't. Is there any other way to capture when a user clears the field using that icon?

There also appears to be some CSS issues with the searchfield in pr2. It changes size and shape when text is entered into it, and the cursor does not change into an arrow when hovering over the "x".

23 Nov 2011, 12:12 PM
HTML5 spec states that the HTML5 search field will fire the 'search' event when the clear icon is clicked/tapped on.

23 Nov 2011, 12:21 PM
Are HTML5 events distinctly separate from Ext events? I'm looking at the list of events for Ext.field.Search and I don't see one called "search".

How would I capture that event in my Controller? Right now I am listening for the 'change' event (as documented in the API docs). It works fine when text is entered and the user tabs out of the field, but not when the icon is clicked to clear the search term.

I'm using Chrome on my desktop.

23 Nov 2011, 1:35 PM
Yes, we listen to some when we need to do things and fire them on the component level but there are more events being fired on the DOM element than are being fired on the component by ST2.