View Full Version : Nested grid with rowExpander Problem

21 Nov 2011, 9:15 PM
Hello I am using nested grid with rowExpander.

In my case everything working fine..
but whenever i click on nth row in child grid the parent grid's nth row is also getting selected.
Even this is happening for header click.
i have not written any header click event for child grid,
but when we click on child grid's header it is firing the header click event of parent.
I have given separate id for child column's & grid too.

As rowIndex are same in both grid this problem is occuring., but how to set the row index of child grid as it shouldn't conflict with parent ?
i grefered the example in code : http://mikhailstadnik.com/ext/examples/nested-grid.htm

Thanks in advance.29468

22 Nov 2011, 8:50 AM
You have to listen for the rowclick event on the nested grid and stop the event on the 3rd argument which is the EventObject.

25 Mar 2014, 2:15 AM
I am also facing same problem.
I am having CheckboxModel for both inner grid and outer grid (2 level grid).
If I check 1st row in inner grid, 1st row in outer grid also gets selected.
Will you please elaborate above solution?


23 May 2014, 1:58 PM
Having this problem on ExtJS 4, anyone find a solution?